Constant growth.


We manage more than 1.9
million sows around the world.

We work hard to make the pig industry more productive and profitable, not only in Brazil, but throughout the world.
Our motivation is to inspire people to raise the bar.

We are proud to have been born in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil and to have become a worldwide reference in the sector.

We want to be an example that it is possible to improve each and every day.

Complete and integrated sow management using S2.

2.200 professional farms using management tools and models.

149 gigabytes of data available to the pig industry in the BigPigData Agriness database.
“Agriness is an innovative company where people are engaged in their work and in the continuous improvement of their processes.”
Mirian de Almeida, Agriness Business Team
“I think I’m a different professional today, now I’m able to bring together knowledge in clinical practice, management and health with a management view and personal relationship. It’s great to work this way!”
Élia Fernanda M. de Campos, UPLs Veterinarian on the P1 Farm Certification

Each one of us matters.

Agriness would not exist without the people who make our work so challenging and fulfilling.

By ensuring a diversity of people and perceptions and having a ambitious common goal, Agriness has created a motivational environment that encourages each person to meet their own challenges and to fulfill their dreams.

People are at the center of everything we do.

  • Juliano Bohrer
    Juliano Bohrer
  • Roberta Leite
    Roberta Leite
  • Renata da Silva
    Renata da Silva
  • Fernanda Garrastazu
    Fernanda Garrastazu
  • Thiago de Oliveira
    Thiago de Oliveira
  • Priscila Lugon
    Priscila Lugon
  • Carolina Rostirolla
    Carolina Rostirolla
    Gestão de Pessoas
  • Simone Borges
    Simone Borges

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