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Defining goals for your farm

How far can you get? Our experience in the field shows that most pig producers are still not able to answer this question, and unfortunately most Brazilian pig farmers do not work with well-defined goals. To change this scenario, we invite you to build a map for your business, determining the departure and the arrival […]

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How many piglets do sows produce throughout their lives?

In order to make pig production an increasingly profitable business, increasing productivity should be a continuous target of farms. Just like an industry is able to define the installed capacity of a plant – measuring the amount of products their equipment is able to manufacture – farms can (and should!) forecast how many piglets their […]

Do you know how much does a non-productive day cost on your farm?

In the industry, one of the main indicators of productivity is the level of capacity utilization, which is the maximum output of the machinery of a factory. Outputs lower than installed capacity mean that the resources are underutilized, resulting in profitability losses. This is called idle capacity. In pig production, idle capacity may also be […]

Information: the key to the growth of the farm

In the day-to-day routine of pig production, we usually talk a lot about growth, productivity rates and performance indicators, a clear sign that data collection is already an integral part of the daily activities in the farm. The question is: how can all these data be turned into quality information that can effectively contribute to […]

Ideal delivery in pig production: satisfied customers and profitable farms

Customer satisfaction is the main goal of every business. After all, satisfied customers are loyal customers. This also applies to pig production. Excellence in delivery is as important as excellence in production, that is, to ensure that the demand is supplied as best as possible. Therefore, ideal delivery is one of the essential concepts of […]

Weekly meetings: the secret of good results

Quick question: have you gathered your team this week to assess production and to find solutions for the problems in your farm? If your answer is yes, congratulations! You are part of a still small group of pig farmers that started changing a critical cultural issue: the lack of time dedicated to discuss management. We […]

Change your farm using visual management

Suppose that you propose a trip to your farm team. Then, after saying the city of destination and that you expect all there, you realize that your team has no idea how to get there. What would be your first reaction? You would probably would draw a map and give it to the team, wouldn’t […]

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