We started in 2001 when we launched our first technology solution for pig farming. Since then, we have closely followed the evolution of the pig industry. Today, we offer cutting-edge management solutions for the pig, poultry, and dairy milk industries in Brazil and worldwide.

The purpose that guides us in each new step is to generate prosperity for farmers. This means being side-by-side of those who work in animal production, helping them achieve better results day after day – using technology, information, and management.

Those who live from the land constantly seek to progress.

Come with us!

We are tech. We are ag.

We are Agriness: a platform of solutions that combines innovation, technology, and knowledge to improve and forward the productivity of animal production.

We know that farming requires hard work and has countless uncontrollable factors. Despite the challenges, we believe in the evolution of the sector. For that, we do not measure efforts: we work side by side with our customers, driving, building, and bringing agribusiness technology closer.

This is why our solutions are founded on three pillars:







We believe that good results can only be achieved when the knowledge of the people involved in the daily life of animal production is connected with the knowledge generated by data. We develop solutions specially to meet the needs of each audience:




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