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More than a platform, Agriness 365 supports digital transformation within animal production, connecting people, solutions and opportunities for agribusiness.


S4 – Swine

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P4 – Poultry

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Method P+1


Through P+1, the methodology of management specifically created by Agriness to enhance the productivity in pig farms, our staff is able to support you, as well as your team to read, assess and monitor their productivity indexes in a simple way that fits on a sheet of paper. We transfer knowledge, techniques and management tools as well as the use of information and leadership to make your farm even better.

Agriness Academy    Agriness Accelerator



INFO360 conference promotes sharing and discussing subjects related to increasing productivity in pig farming through management, information, people and technology.



The Award for The Best Swine Producer Agriness is the largest pig farming benchmarking tool in Latin America. Held as an annual competition, the project already has the participation of more than 1500 farms and 1 million sows. Participants have access to an online, interactive environment of benchmarking and analysis of productivity indicators, a transparent and reliable benchmark for their country’s pig farming production indexes.


“Productivity in animal production has no tricks. What is needed is: leadership, quality information, methodology, empowered people and a memory of what has been done”.

Everton Gubert – Agriness CEO



Unless you have “positive”
leadership that inspires people
and believes in continuous improvement, productivity
will not happen.


Quality Information

Unless you have quality information available to support making good decisions, productivity will
not happen.



Unless you have method and discipline, you won´t know what should be done, when it should be done, and especially how it should be done.



Unless you have a memory, that is, you remember what has been done and the steps that were taken there is no way to improve the processes.


Capable people

Unless you have trained people on how to use certain methodology and willing to put it into practice, productivity will not happen.

Relevant and practical contents

Access the contents we have prepared for you to know how information,
management and people can help you make your production more efficient.

The 4 key points of homogeneity in production

Monitoring all steps of all production processes can seem very complicated, even for the most experienced managers. The Agriness P+1 method shows that in pig farming there is a critical flow of processes that determine whether the farmer will be able to deliver enough animals at the end of each period. The monitoring and homogeneity of these processes, or key points of production, have a direct – and positive – impact harnessing the maximum productive potential and ideal delivery.