Acceleration program

The 50 top brazilian pig producers are growing at a rate
of 0.90 weaned piglets per sow per year. What about you?

Choose your productivity acceleration program



Program 1

BRL 2.000,00/Month*

Program 2

BRL 1.250,00/Month*


Visual Management Yes Yes


Production Map Yes Yes
Productivity Check Tree Yes Yes


Implementation of the acceleration program 1 per year (presential) 1 per year (presential)
Virtual data audit 1 per month (virtual) 1 per month (virtual)
Physical data audit 1 per year (presential) No
Data quality check 1 per month (virtual) 1 per trimester (virtual)
Productivity check 1 per month (virtual) 1 per trimester (virtual)
Virtual mentoring 2 per month (virtual) 1 per month (virtual)
Face-to-face mentoring 1 per trimester (presential) No


One-day workshop at Agriness 1 per year (presential Florianópolis/SC Brazil) No
P1 certification 2 enrolled per year 1 enrolled per year

* Promotional price for the first 20 customers of the Agriness Accelerator. ** All bonuses will be revised annually and may be subject to change. *** Transportation and accommodation expenses of the Agriness consultant for the face-to-face visits are paid by the customer.

Shall we start?

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