Convenience at your fingertips: Discover the new S4 functionality - Agriness
Convenience at your fingertips: Discover the new S4 functionality

Convenience at your fingertips: Discover the new S4 functionality

S4 has just gained a new functionality. From now on, the process of transferring animals from one farm to another will be automated by the system. With this new feature, your work time will be optimized, which means more time for other activities.

One of the newest active features in S4, the purpose of this new tool is to further optimize the routines of producers and farms, making the animal transfer process even faster, safer and more effective.

For the transfers to take place correctly, the farms will need to be associated with each other so that the system generates an electronic authorization key, and the documentation necessary to carry out the activity is released.

The animals’ departure from the “farm of origin” will be effected through a sale. Thus, when the buyer is informed of the entry of the sales data , S4 will check to see if there is an association between the farms and, only then, will it give authorization for the departure and receipt of the animals.

From this notification, it will be possible to learn the stage, the mapping of the breeds and the lot that will house the animals. When all these steps are completed, the transfer is performed automatically by the system.

See the step-by-step instructions for transferring animals automatically within S4:

  1. One of the farms will generate an electronic authorization key,  and this key must be sent to the partner farm by WhatsApp or via e-mail;
  2. The partner farm will receive the key, and then fill out the registration for the farm that sent in the supplier/customer registration;

From then on, farms are allowed to use this functionality!

  1. The farm sending the animals will generate a sale;
  2. The receiving farm will be notified with a message on the animals being sent;
  3. The farm receiving the animals reports the stage and maps the breed and the lot/location of the animals’ accommodations.
  4. Ready! After that, the application automatically records the animal purchase.

For the time being, the [current] version only allows the handling of animals between farms of the same category. Example: Genetics to Genetics – Commercial to Commercial. Another detail is that the sales made, after being confirmed, still cannot be altered.

And as we are always working to develop tools along side the challenges of your farm, in brief, the functionality should receive even more features such as the distribution of animals in more than one lot, among others.

If you already use Agriness S4, please visit our help desk and check out this new functionality for sales between farms in a little more detail .

Agriness is working every day to fulfill its mission. This is another step taken to make the prosperity of the fields, producers and farms a reality – in real time.

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