Work with us Agriness

We are a team that promotesprosperity in the countryside

Our values


We look for quality in our products, in our services, in our attention and in our relationships. For us, quality is synonymous with doing the right things, at the right time.


We are aware of the scope of our actions, so we carefully examine all our decisions, assessing their impact and taking full responsibility for our achievements and losses.


We always try to act with transparency, integrity and consistency between what we say and what we do. Our conduct ensures that we are trustworthy.


It is what makes our conscience feel clean and light when we practice it. Paraphrasing Victor Hugo “Being good is easy, the difficult thing is to be just”, we understand that Justice is the right thing, even if the right thing is not always a consensus. And to frame our actions in what is fair or not, it is worth what is established by our values, by our internal rules and by the contracts signed with our customers, partners, suppliers and employees.


For us, to act professionally is to serve with the best of our technical competence, to honor the commitments made and to respect everyone we deal with.


We are committed to our principles, to our customers, to our employees and to the industry in which we operate. Being aware of why we do it and what we do it for is the foundation of our commitment.


We seek to reflect on life and nature to do things in a simple way. In them, everything that is essential is simple.

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