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“Nulla sit amet scelerisque tellus. Mauris tincidunt tristique libero non posuere. Phasellus egestas condimentum condimentum”. Albert Viking, Engenheiro
“Nulla sit amet scelerisque tellus. Mauris tincidunt tristique libero non posuere. Phasellus egestas condimentum condimentum”. Albert Viking, Engenheiro

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Star +1 Program: a path to growth and productivity

Headquartered in Estrela D’Oeste/SP, Estrela Alimentos, a brand of the FRIGOESTRELA group that used to work only with cattle, expanded the business in 2019, when it started farming pigs in Rio Grande do Sul. As a result, new demands and challenges emerged – among them, the need for a management method that could organize and […]

After all, why is benchmarking important to your business?

Today’s pig farming can no longer be based solely on experience or intuition. There are a number of resources ensuring better choices for a farm´s future, for example the Award for The Best Swine Producer Agriness.

The 4 key points of homogeneity in production

Monitoring all steps of all production processes can seem very complicated, even for the most experienced managers. The Agriness P+1 method shows that in pig farming there is a critical flow of processes that determine whether the farmer will be able to deliver enough animals at the end of each period. The monitoring and homogeneity of these processes, or key points of production, have a direct – and positive – impact harnessing the maximum productive potential and ideal delivery.

What prevents your farm from using all its production potential?

Any farm can harness the maximum production potential that its facilities and structure allow, but many farms fail to do so. In order to reach this potential, you have to look at the whole production system, relating farm records to the production process. But where to start?

How many piglets can your farm produce?

The production capacity of a farm is calculated taking into account aspects regarding animal performance and economy. The improvements that are intended to make the most of this capacity should focus on one of the most important stages of the business: delivering animals.

Leadership Experience Agriness: our choice for developing people and innovation

The Agriness Way, a process created to encourage our people, began with the Leadership Experience, an initiative of Agriness University focused on promoting self-knowledge, engagement and diversity of thought for leadership development. A special partnership is supporting Agriness in this journey.

Keitiline Viacava, Ph.D., DM.Lab, professor, researcher and consultant in management cognition, who worked for 2 years as a cognitive neuroscientist affiliated to the Department of Neurology at Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.), institution with which Keitiline declares to have the privilege and honor to keep a connection until today. Her job is to help leaders transform ideas into action based on an understanding of how the mind works, by promoting experimentation, risk taking and diversity of thought as a source of innovation.