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Production management is essential in the quest for financial success in any business sector. With that in mind, Agriness has developed a method to achieve excellence in pig production business management: THINKING+1 motivates pig farmers to work towards maximal production potential.

Excellence in management is based on the ability to make decisions based on consistent information, understanding problems before acting on them and preventing losses. That is also possible in pig production and, through the THINKING+1 method, we bring you the value of organized management to produce the best possible results, paving the way to growth, one step at a time: one more piglet born alive, one more weaned piglet per sow, one more pig marketed, one more satisfied customer, one more dollar in your account.

The method is described in more detail in the book Suíno.Cultura, published in 2014, the first book ever to focus specifically on pig production management.

“This is the inevitable professionalization of the industry, based on the same assumptions that have ruled human survival since the early days of civilization: information and knowledge.”
Luciano Roppa, Nutreco Director

“I am surprised with the different view of pig production, training technicians
and producers not for hands-on work, but teaching them methods”.
Lucas Custódio Torido, student of the 8th class of the Thought+1 Immersion Course

INFO360 is held every two years. It is a discussion forum on pig production and agribusiness.

We created this event with the aim of highlighting the importance of information and management for the growth of the Brazilian pig industry. Through this forum we reinforce the importance of exchanging experiences and our certainty that we always have something new to learn or to teach. We gather top professionals and put on the agenda issues that concern us all, anticipating the next developments in the industry.

On each edition, it is our aim to offer participants an unforgettable and life-changing experience that can be reflected in new ways of seeing and managing businesses.

“This is the event that was missing to complete the full range of events in pig production. It is no use if pig producers know the genetics, understand the market if they do not practice the excellence management INFO360 presented at the event”.
Losivanio Luiz De Lorenzi, Santa Catarina State Association of Pig Producers

“The mission was to make all representatives of the industry attending the meeting aware of the importance of information and its impact on the management and performance of farms; a purpose it achieved with great success.”
Pedro Pereira Guedes, Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul

“The event was very productive and a true milestone for the Brazilian pig industry.”
Jovan Sabadin, Cargill/Nutron

Information is today’s gold. And with over 85% of the Brazilian market – accounting for over 1 and a half million sows – generating and exchanging information via S2, Agriness has set up the most comprehensive and reliable database on the productivity of pig operations.

Today, Big Pig Data is an invaluable source of information that can be accessed on demand, allowing you to design metrics, benchmark and perform studies that contribute both to your business and the entire industry.