Is your internet connection or S4 slow? Learn how to test
Is your internet connection or S4 slow? Learn how to test the quality of your internet.

Is your internet connection or S4 slow? Learn how to test the quality of your internet.

The routine of the farm starts early, many tasks are predicted and all that you or your team can do to accelerate and improve the routine is always welcome. Sometimes the speed of the internet doesn’t help in this process, but you can easily check if the problem is really your connection. If confirmed, you have a chance to correct the problem as soon as possible and get back to the best performance on your Agriness S4 and in general internet browsing.

In this content we explain why you must check the quality of your internet regularly and how to do this through a very simple test.

How does the internet quality affect Agriness S4? 

When the internet signal is not as good as expected, the Agriness S4 may not load completely or not even load at all.

This failure in the signal delivery happens mainly on computers that are connected to the internet via Wi-fi, this may affect the performance of your browsing. Therefore, if it’s possible, connect your computer with a network cable. If it’s not possible, no problem! Agriness S4 also works with Wi-Fi connection.

How to check my internet speed? 

There are several websites that can test your internet for free. It’s a simple operation and takes less than a minute. One of the options is Speedtest. Before starting, make sure the computer is connected directly to the or network cable. This is the best way to test your internet speed.

Go to the site and click Start. 

The test of this website analyzes the rate of downloaded and uploaded data, as well as the time it takes the data to reach you, giving an overview of how your internet speed is at the time of the test.



The ping reports latency and connectivity between devices, in other words, it evaluates the time it takes for data to be transmitted from one place to another. In case of this test, the ping reports the time that the information takes to be transmitted between your machine and the test server. The ideal result should always be as small as possible, this means a better internet connection. As a reference, an ideal ping takes 100ms at most.

Download rate

The download rate indicates the amount of data the network can receive (download) in one second. The higher the rate, the better the connection speed, it will be easier to download a file on your computer.

Upload rate

The upload rate indicates the quality of data the network can send (upload) in one second. The higher the rate, the better the connection speed, it will be easier to send a file from your computer.

What is the ideal speed to use Agriness S4? 

  • Minimum: 4 Mbps (download) and 1Mbps (upload).
  • Recommended or ideal: 10Mbps (download) and 1Mbps (upload) or higher.

Our internet recommendations consider the speed available exclusively for the use of the system. So, if you need to share the internet link with other devices, you must have an internet plan that is higher than the minimum recommended.

If your internet is shared in the neighborhood or in other sectors of the farm and used by many people at the same time, the streaming rate will be shared among everyone, reducing the connection dedicated exclusively to Agriness S4 and prejudicing the system performance.

I have already taken the test!

If after performing this speed test you identify that your internet is not performing well or it’s below what was contracted, we suggest you contact your internet provider to indicate that there is a technical problem. Occasionally, weather conditions and even physical failures in the internet service network can affect the reception of the signal to your computer.

Is everything ok with your internet but Agriness S4 is not loading correctly? Clearing cache and cookies from your browser can also improve your computer’s performance.

And if you still have any questions or difficulties with Agriness S4 our team is always ready to help you. To talk to us click on the chat icon and select the <support> option.


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