Leadership Experience: how we develop our team through leadership
Leadership Experience: how we develop our team through leadership

Leadership Experience: how we develop our team through leadership

Recently we talked about Leadership Experience, our choice to promote innovation through the development of our staff. The program is part of the Agriness Way initiative, a development program for all those who choose to walk alongside us. The Leadership Experience focuses in the development of leaders through self-knowledge, engagement and thought diversity as a source of innovation.

As we start the second month of the program – which lasts 6 months – we invited Elton João Gubert, Agriness CEO, and Alejandra Nadruz, Head of People, Culture and Marketing to talk a little about their perceptions and expectations with this project.


Several factors motivated Agriness to start the Leadership Experience training. “We strongly believe that education is the main tool for human development, and the pillars that will sustain this movement at Agriness are the schools and programs of Agriness University. Initially developing leaderships was a choice influenced by Agriness’s current moment and by the leaders’ own profile: most of them are new to the company and some are starting in a leadership position. The methodology proposed, cognitive neuroscience, was also an influential factor to promote self-knowledge through science and data”, Alejandra points out.

Current moment and impact on teams

Agriness is living an important moment of growth and therefore it needs to be structured. Training people, especially leaders, is crucial to meet this goal. “We believe that leaders are the link between culture and company strategy. They are the ones responsible for making things happen through people and need to be prepared to lead their teams. The more knowledge they have about themselves along with the tools they can use in their work, the more our leaders can make the connections between the teams’ day-to-day tasks, the goals of the company and our culture. This is a key role of the leader and success regarding strategy implementation depends on this work”, adds Elton.

Agriness believes it is taking an important step following a global movement that incorporates neurocognitive methodologies in the development of people in companies. Besides Agriness, there are other pioneering companies on this front – also focused on leadership – including Google, PWC, Microsoft, Mott MacDonald and Neuroleadership Institute, as well as Agibank, Bem, Braskem, and Votorantim in the Brazilian market.

The expectation of Agriness with the Leadership Experience program is to provide personal growth, raising the level of maturity and integration of leaders through a common subject and as a consequence the improvement of  leaders´ individual performance  – in addition to their teams – regarding work speed and quality to achieve business objectives.

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