S4 Farm

The new generation of S2 Agriness.


If you are a pig farm owner and/or manager, you will realize that S4 Farm is a powerful tool to support the management of your livestock production units. In it you will find:

  • Resources that transform information (data collection) into tips to improve production efficiency and output.
  • An overview of the farm and each production stage.
  • Resources to streamline the process of launching production events and inputs.
  • Reports, charts and analysis with more visual resources, streamlining and facilitating decision making.

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S4 Collect

With it you collect data the moment it is being produced.


S4 Collect is a mobile solution fully integrated with S4 Farm, which allows the collection of data when it is generated on the farm. This helps to shorten the interval between generating information and using it (analysis), anticipating problems more quickly. In it you also find:


  • Collection of all major management events.
  • Quick and digital access to your sow data.
  • Automatic synchronization with S4 Farm.

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S4 Comfort

Take advantage of all genetic potential providing comfort to the animals.


This solution uses IOT (sensors and controllers) to help managers ensure that animals are housed within the thermal comfort zone and, thereby can express their full genetic potential. Based on the sensors environmental information and animal performance data, S4 Comfort can provide support for the manager giving:


  • Alerts of nonconformity: reporting when controlled variables are not in the normal range.
  • Urgency alerts: reporting issues that require immediate attention.
  • Performance Alerts: reporting correlations between animal weight loss (for farms with dynamic weighing) and variations in temperature and water intake.

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S4 PigVoice

Data collection in real time by voice.

Affectionately named PigVoice, this app allows you to collect data from animal performance just by talking. Through voice commands, the farm worker using a smart phone and a headset can record, for example, animal breeding activities hands-free and without interrupting handling. Collected data are sent to S4 Farm, avoiding the need to manually post the data after collection.

Note: Available only for Android.

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S4 Corp

Consolidate information from all your farms in a single place.


S4 Corp is a tool in the cloud that consolidates information from all farms and herds, and can integrate technical staff data through Agriness Presence. This database uses a powerful engine to generate insights, analysis, indicators and alerts that support managers and technical staff to make the best decisions. In it, a pig farm can access:


  • Panels: Interfaces specially created to show KPIs to directors, data capture managers, supervisors and technical assistants.
  • Dashboards: Interfaces with real-time information and alerts that enable supervisors and technicians to react more quickly to farm and herd issues.
  • Thematic analysis designed to support the evaluation of complex issues such as “In which farms I need to work more in order to have an impact on my final output?”

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